Car Detailing at New Hampshire's Best Detail Shop

The look and feel of your car expresses a side of your personality. You want your car to look sharp, clean and sophisticated at all times, even if your car has been with you for a few years now. Kerner’s Car Wash & Quick Lube’s car detailing gives you that showroom style and new-car polish.

When you leave our South Beech Street Manchester location, your car will look like new. You’ll be sitting in clean comfort. This is what driving is supposed to be.

Our detailing services cover the whole spectrum:

  • Full Detail (available at our South Beech Street Manchester location only): Restore your car’s appearance and add value. This includes Express Wax, Interior Express, Carpet Shampoo, Upholstery Shampoo or Leather Clean and Condition and more.
  • Express Wax: Provides that “new car” shine and protects your vehicle’s surface for 90 days.
  • Interior Express: Includes a full vacuum of carpet and seats with a thorough cleaning of dash, console, windows and door jambs. For an even better and cleaner look, consider *washing your car with us that day!
  • Carpet Shampoo: Lifts stains and dirt from the carpet. The shampoo dries fast and leaves your carpet looking fabulous. If you want your car to look even cleaner, *wash it with us that day!
  • Upholstery Shampoo: Removes stubborn stains and dirt. Give your car the ultimate clean look by *washing it with us that day!
  • Leather Clean and Condition: Vacuuming and conditioning seats. Wash is not included.
  • Clay Treatment: Recommended before applying hand wax. For an even better look, consider *washing your car with us that day!

*Wash is not included.

Contact us today to inquire about our car detailing pricing. Whatever service you decide to take advantage of, Kerner’s Car Wash & Quick Lube will put you back into the seat of fresh comfort and cool. Visit your nearest location today – no appointment necessary!