Quick Lube

Quick Lube, Synthetic Oil Change and More

Automotive experts say regular oil changes can add years to your car and prevent excessive wear and tear. While mechanics may differ on how often (every 3,000 or 5,000 miles), putting fresh fluids in your internal combustion engines and changing the oil filter makes for smoother and longer-lasting rides. Quick lube, in particular, helps by providing a valuable convenience and by ensuring regular vehicle maintenance gets performed.

Technicians at Kerner’s Car Wash & Quick Lube offer you a variety of services to keep you on the road and to keep you moving in confidence.

Choose the right oil:

  • Full-Service Oil Change: Provides up to 5 quarts of Mobil oil, an oil filter, checking and filling all fluids and an interior vacuum.
  • Mobil High-Mileage Oil Change: Provides the same services, but oil manufactured for cars with high mileage is used instead. This type of oil is great to avoid metal-on-metal friction which can cause premature wear in your engine.
  • Mobil 1 Oil Change: Provides the same services, but up to 5 quarts of synthetic oil is used. A synthetic oil change provides additional durability and protection for your car from wear and tear. Synthetic oil is refined and distilled, a process that removes impurities and enables oil molecules to work more efficiently in modern engines.

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